The summer transfer market has started with a lot of noise for the teams of the First Division. Many players have switched teams in the last few weeks and there have been many surprises. The status of the league keeps on rising and the fight to get the best players is essential for the squads to be as competitive as possible. Therefore, here are the most prominent signings in Liga F.

The most prominent signings in Liga F:

FC Barcelona:

Barça has not wasted any time, announcing the signing of Ona Battle to reinforce its fullbacks. The ‘azulgrana’ team put the finishing touch to their season with the achievement of the Champions League. However, they do not want to stop winning and desire to have the best players in their squad.

After several failed attempts of the Catalan club to bring her back, the prodigal daughter returns home, but only after finishing her contract with Manchester United. The Catalan arrived at La Masia when she was just 12 years old and returns at the age of 24.

Ona Batlle has it all and that is why she is one of the best players in the world: speed, youth, commitment, hustle, intensity, great touch, etc. The international player will soon play in the World Cup and, afterwards, she will have to fight for the starting position with Lucy Bronze.

Real Madrid:

The ‘madridistas’ want to keep growing and try to compete with FC Barcelona as soon as possible. The white team wants to keep growing to try to fight against FC Barcelona as soon as possible. Real Madrid has started the market calmly, making two important signings in positions they needed. The first of them has been Oihane Hernandez, defender and part of the Spanish national team, at the young age of 23.

She was formed in Athletic’s academy and debuted with the first team in the 2018-19 season, playing 109 games and scoring three goals. The winger will bring a lot of speed and depth to the white side, as well as a lot of defensive security. The club has acquired one of the Spanish players with the most potential for the coming years.

Real Madrid also secured their goal with the signing of Mylène Chavas. Agility, good reflexes and youth are some of the qualities that the 25-year-old French international (who arrives from Girondins de Bordeaux) will bring to the team. The goalkeeper will take the place of Meline Gérard, as Misa Rodríguez seems irreplaceable in the white goal.

Levante UD:

Levante has had a fantastic season and is looking to ensure that it is not just a fluke. To do so, they have been quite active on the start of the market with the signing of Gabi Nunes for their striker position. The Brazilian forward is one of the surprises of this transfer window and could form a lethal pairing with Liga F’s top scorer Alba Redondo.

She joins the Granota side after two seasons with Madrid CFF, where she played 44 games and recorded 18 goals. Levante guarantee goals for many seasons since the attacker is only 26 years old.

Atlético de Madrid:

Atlético de Madrid has to start making moves to bring the team back to where it was a few seasons ago. The ‘colchonero’ side was the only team that could compete with Barça, winning several titles in the process. But the departure of important players and a generational change has forced the red and white team to create a new young core and have a lot of patience in order to reach the Champions League football.

The lack of goals has been one of the headaches for Atleti this season. That is why one of their first signings has been striker Sheila Guijarro. The 26-year-old striker arrives in the capital after a great season with Villarreal, in which she scored 13 goals in 29 games.

Sheila is one of those players who deserved a move to one of the big clubs for quite some time, and she has finally achieved it after several seasons of hard work. Atlético has secured a gem that will for sure be talked about if things go according to plan.

UDG Tenerife:

A sixth place in the league and a lot to talk about: that is how the season of José Herrera’s UDG Tenerife went. One of the surprises of the year wants to keep up the good results and is making solid moves. Their most notable signing has been Babajide to round out their forward line.

The 25-year-old English attacker returns to the island after two seasons with Real Betis, in which she scored ten goals. The striker’s main trait (that has given real headaches to Spanish defenses) is her pace and ability to play with space, making her one of the most prominent signings in Liga F.

Sevilla FC:

Sevilla FC’s season was poor, and the club wants to do the most it can to start off with a clean slate as soon as possible. Their squad had great players, but it was a lack of balance that hurt them.

Sevilla’s planning seems to be a lot better this season. They have made a very surprising signing in Pamela Gonzalez, a 27-year-old Uruguayan midfielder, who arrives in Seville to showcase her magic, as she has been doing for many years in Andalusia.

She arrived in Spain at a very young age in 2015 to play for Málaga CF, where she was promoted to make her debut in the First Division. In 2020 she joined Granada, where she played 85 games and scored 10 goals.

Pamela González has been a key piece in all the teams she has played for. A player who has a lot of wizardry in her boots and who has deserved to play in the First Division for years. This year she achieved promotion with Granada, and she will be a very sensitive loss for the club in their return to the highest category.

The Uruguayan stands out for her versatility, determination, vision and for having great ball control. A signing that may not be high-profile, but that will give a lot to talk about during the season.

Real Betis:

Betis’ season has been one of constant suffering, verging on desperation and relegation at many times. Real Betis’ best signing so far has undoubtedly been María Pry, for their bench. The Sevillian team needs more than a renovation of its squad and this coach could be the key to lift the green-and-white team.

This will be María Pry’s second spell on their bench, coming back after coaching them from 2012 to 2019. With her in charge, Real Betis achieved promotion to the First Division and sixth twice in the league.

After leaving the Sevillian team, the manager went to Levante for two seasons to achive great things, as she managed to play in the UWCL and play in the final of the Copa de la Reina. She later made her debut abroad, at Santiago Morning in Chile, before returning to Spain to coach Madrid CFF.

Translated by Nuño Alonso.

Image sources: @FCBfemeni, @realmadridfem & @SevillaFC_Fem.

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