Granada CF has not began the season how they wanted to. Despite having great players, the results have not gone their way. One of their best players in the start to the season has been Alicia Redondo, one of the veterans and, at the same time, one of the youngest players on the roster.

Alicia Redondo is the kind of player any team would like to have. When she has the ball, you know that something is coming. Her touch, positioning and shooting prove that she is different to the rest of players. Alicia is very intelligent, and her precise movements allow her to receive the ball in advantageous positions. In addition to that, you have to take into account impossible goals and assists.

We could say that her magic goes beyond playing the ball. She has a very remarkable personality at the age of 22. Roger Lamesa has good taste for football and, as a result, most of his players have lots of quality on the ball.

Raised in Sporting de Huelva, Redondo joined Granada in 2019. After more than three years dazzling every pitch in the Second Division, Alicia took the step that everyone was waiting for. It did not seem fitting that such a dominant player was not playing in the maximum category.

Results have not been fair to Granada. They have only earnt three points in seven match days. However, the Nasrid playstyle has been superior in the majority of matches. Their matchups against Athletic Club, Madrid CFF, Levante Las Planas or Eibar barely slipped away.

This very week, they have fallen in the Copa de la Reina against Athletic Club. An even match until the last 15 minutes, in which the Basque side managed to qualify after a terrific ending in Los Cármenes (1-4).

Roger Lamesa’s pupils have the objective of avoiding relegation from Liga F. Now they can focus on the domestic competition. Their roster is capable of achieving that goal and a lot more. The lower end of the ranking is very close and a win in the next matches could give the Andalusian side some oxygen.

To do that, they wilk need the best version of Alicia Redondo, who can be the compass that allows Granada to recover the unbelievable level they showed last season. I dare to say that the Huelva native could be among the best players in Liga F so far this season.

It is true that this year, she does not have Pamela González by her side, a very sensitive absence, as she left for Sevilla. The Uruguayan was recently selected as the best player in Primera RFEF. The both of them formed a duo that was a joy to see play.

Alicia clearly proved that Primera RFEF was too little for her after giving an absolute clinic in every match she played. She was one of the pillars to achieve promotion and this should be the year that she and her ‘family’ establish themselves in the highest of levels. She is a leader in every sense of the word and a bona fide starter for Roger Lamesa.

The season is very long. Granada has always been known for their ‘eternal fights’ and they will not stop figh until the end to turn the situation around. I believe that their good performance will bring good results to the Nasrid side. They cannot be among the candidates for relegation.

Translated by Nuño Alonso.

Main image: @GranadaCF_Fem

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