The signing of Sergio Ramos by Sevilla FC has brought with it a lot of baggage. The defender’s arrival at his former home 18 years ago has generated a great divide among Sevilla fans. On the one hand, those capable of forgetting the past in the knowledge that in sporting terms it is a great and much-needed boost in quality.

On the other hand, those unable to recognize Ramos as a Sevillian because of his ugly gestures towards the club during his time at Real Madrid. In fact, the supporters’ group Biris Norte rejected his arrival through a statement:

In life, we all make mistakes and we have the right to assume them, and ask for forgiveness for them. It is true that Ramos has been treated unfairly at times by certain sectors of Sevillism. However, it is also true that the player from Camas hasn’t been right in various gestures against the club from his beginnings.

However, two don’t fight if one doesn’t want to, and assuming that the signing of Sergio Ramos by Sevilla is a complete success is the first step towards the joint success of the defender and the club during his association.

In sporting terms, Sevilla’s defence in the last season has been an absolute disaster. The summer gambles on Nianzou and Marcão were a failure. The performance and physique of the Frenchman leaves many doubts, despite his youth, and the Brazilian is neither here nor expected. Gattoni needs to adapt and the only guarantees for Mendilibar have been the conversion of Gudelj (who could now return to the pivot position, where he is more productive) and the arrival of Badé.

If we’re talking about Ramos, we’re talking about possibly the best centre-back in the history of Spain and one of the best in the history of football. And that is undeniable, his successes speak for themselves. Sergio Ramos comes to provide what this defence needs: leadership, experience and guarantees of immediate performance. The only drawback, at 37 years of age, would be his physical condition, which has respected him during his last year in Paris, where he performed at a really good level.

On the non-sporting side, it is important to take into account that the Sevillian has given up a lot of money to return to Sevilla FC, rejecting many millions from Arabia and Turkey. In addition, he arrives for free, as a free agent, with a much reduced salary that is affordable for the club. Likewise, in his presentation, he has apologised and has shown, at all times, his total respect and admiration for the Sevillian team.

This move, whichever way you look at it, has many more advantages than disadvantages. Therefore, it is a good move amidst so much controversy. He is a player with the ability to lead a project that needs to be relaunched, just like last year.

Time will tell, but I sincerely believe that Sergio Ramos is the ideal person to get back on track, return to the path of three points and return Sevilla to the positions they have always frequented.

Translated by Marcos Rodríguez.

Main image: @SevillaFC.

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