We are about to end a week where Sergio Ramos, captain and legend of Spain during their golden era, has said goodbye to the national team. Actually, he has not made the decision to leave, as some others did, but instead because the new head coach Luis de la Fuente has called him to let him now that he will not count on him anymore.

An unexpected decision based on his speech when he was introduced as the new head coach back in December, just a few days after Luis Enrique proved his ineptitude to run the Spanish National Team in a new failure on a World Cup.

Luis de la Fuente had this to say on Sergio Ramos during his first press conference, who was left out from a non-sense squad list that travelled to Qatar: “Sergio Ramos? Of course he can play again for the national team. Any player who is eligible can be called up”.

So, what has changed since then? Whaat are the rational reasons to rule out an eligible player who holds an outstanding career and still competes in the Champions League at the age of 36? Please let me know.

Please, tell me four central defenders that are currently better than Sergio Ramos to be called up for the Spanish National Team. I do not know them. Please, explain me why a player can’t be called up anymore, even more someone with the trajectory of Ramos without any reason. Go aahead.

I would have called up Ramos for the World Cup, just s I would have changed half of Luis Enrique’s squad. I do not know how the final outcome would have been under the squad I would have chosen, but yes indeed we know how bad it all went with the person in chrge by then.

I m not saying that Ramos must be called up for the next EURO, World Cup or upcoming squad list in a few weeks. Absolutely not. What I think and I feel that many others do is that there is no need to send off someone who has lifted the World Cup and the EURO (twice) when unfortunately there are not many top options in Spain to replace him.

I do not understand either why Luis de la Fuente, who has no experience at all with the absolute national team, decides to make that call to the player with the most games with Spain ever (180) and champion of everything, without having even run a single practice yet.

I agree with Ramos’ farewell letter based on the circumstances that he has been told to leave. Examples like Modric, Messi or Pepe prove that hese kind of players can keep performing the right way despite their age.


Thank you, Ramos, for your commitment and effort leading the team from all of us.

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