A new LaLiga match day has just come to an end with everything still to be decided in the last seven fixtures of the calendar. Real Madrid continue as undisputed leader and Barcelona‘s attempts to get closer are futile in the face of Carlo Ancelotti’s side’s consistency. For their part, Atlético de Madrid secured a titanic win over Girona to maintain their chances of qualifying for the Champions League, while the relegation zone remains virtually unchanged after defeats for Cádiz and Celta. We begin with ‘LaLiga Overtime’ from matchday 31.

LaLiga Overtime – Match Day #31:

En-Nesyri airlines, at Sevilla’s disposal:

Sevilla are following a trend over the last two years regarding their striker. After a discreet start to the season, En-Nesyri is opening his air travel service in January. Last season, the World Cup was the turning point for the Moroccan. This year, it could be said that it was the arrival of Quique Sánchez Flores.

Despite the scuffle they had in the match against Celta when the Moroccan striker was substituted, Quique has once again made the most of En-Nesyri’s characteristics. Qualities that were on full display in the game against Las Palmas when, following the expulsion of Coco, the Moroccan international opened the scoring with a header.

The striker’s speciality is that he has a head that is worth goals and joy for Sevilla. Sevilla fans are clear that, if they want to travel this summer, they should do in an ‘En-Nesyri Airlines’ seat.

Antoine Griezmann’s simplicity:

I remember, when I was a kid, a coach used to insist us on the following: “Play with freedom, connect with the game and with the ball”. The theory was basic. The realisation, only at the level of extraordinary players. One of them is Antoine Griezmann. The Frenchman plays with that freedom that exists less and less in football every day, he connects with the game and the ball, as if it were Oliver Atom, is his best friend.

Antoine is one of the best footballers on the planet, however much there are people who would like to belittle him for X reasons. He does something difficult, almost impossible, during matches. He gives the spectator the feeling that what he does is easy, within the reach of anyone, because he does it with an excessive calmness and naturalness.

But no, I can tell you that doing what Antoine does is not difficult, it is impossible. Only geniuses like Griezmann, who with his brace brings Atlético closer to another Champions League appearance, are capable of legendary feats with the simplicity of someone who walks.

A 17-year-old general:

Many people on social media criticise the constant media acclaim for Pau Cubarsí. It seems to annoy a certain sector of Spanish football (you know which one) that a centre-back of his quality is a starter in a top European team. We must remember that being in the first division at the age of 17 is within the reach of very few. Precocious talents who, usually, aren’t capable of fulfilling the expectations placed on them. But Pau is different.

A position that requires skill such as that of centre-back and it seems that his 17 years aren’t the age that marks his identity card, but rather the number of years that he has been a first-choice centre-back for Barça. In less than four months, he has established himself as Barcelona’s general. Against Cádiz, he showed once again that, as Xavi says, he is a player who is going to mark an era. A performance worthy of highlighting in this week’s ‘LaLiga Overtime’.

I don’t remember a player of his age exploding on such a scale, let alone as a defender. He isn’t even of age and has become an insurance as a defence. In addition, his ability to get off the ball is among the best on the planet. At the age of 17, Cubarsí is Barça’s general and is aiming to become a global general.

Translated by Marcos Rodríguez.

Main image: Edit Pablo Benítez.

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