Getafe were almost condemned to relegation with Michel on the bench. The situation was very worrying and the performing was too far away from the set expectations on a roster full of resources. No doubt that the most alarming aspect was that they had lost the defensive identity they had under coach Bordalás.

Now Quique Sánchez Flores, a man from the club, has recovered the freshness of a team that can find the reason for their problems to a mental issue more than a football one. As soon as the new coach has recovered the defensive reliability, Getafe have started to earn points and players like Carles Aleñà or Ünal have been very influential and useful on the field.

It is true that struggling at score has not faed away at all. Getafe suffer big lacks to create chances and, specially, to finish them. One more season they are the team that has scored the less goals in the league; but that is not something that is disturbing at all the Coliseum Stadium. Since the start of the ‘Bordalás era’ they know that the crucial thing is to get profit from any slight advantage. This is the reason why they base their playing style on not conceding.

However, Getafe are enjoying certain calm within what the table allows them, as they have started the new year with ambition and betting strong in the winter transfer market. There have been several rumors related to Getafe to add an extra and look above on the table to climb up spots, avoid relegation and set up new goals ahead of the next season.

Two of the names that have come up are already a reality: Borja Mayoral and Gonzalo Villar, right from the Coliseo. Either new additions join in or not, Getafe’s sporting management is being excellent. Taking into account their position in the table, these are two top signs, as they know really well this competition and are hungry to redeem themselves. These are the expectations, but if Quique Sánchez Flores takes the most out of them, success is guaranteed.

Getafe have started the new year feeling too much better. We just have to take a look at the change of attitude, gestures and the return of the connection between the team and the fans.

The investment made by the management is an extra incentive to extend the positive dynamic and believe in a comfortable stay in LaLiga.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: @GetafeCF.

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