The first Grand Slam of the year is now over with the return of Novak Djokovic to the Australian throne, as he got his 10th victory in this tournament through a final that was scripted in three chapters.

The first chapter started off with a break from the Serbian right away at the beginning of the match, which resulted in a first set won 6-3 also thanks to his astonishing serving.

The second chapter allowed Tsitsipas to get back in the match, as he managed to respond to Djokovi’s serving. However, he found the way to get back in track and the set got tight up again, which brought as to the first Tie-break situation out of the two that took place throughout the final.

Djokovic too the lead by 4-1 but Stéfanos evened it again. However, the experience from a player that has played 33 Grand Slam Finals allowed him to scape once again.

Tsitsipas was in a complicated scenario, as Novak Djokovic had never lost a Grand Slam match after winning the first two sets (the record is 121-0). Despite the difficulties, Tsitsipas did not give up, but he never found the turning point to get back into the match.

A new Tie-break put the final away from him and now he will have to wait in order to lift a Grand Slam title, as he has already reached two finals and lost both to a Novak Djokovic that has evened Nadal with 22 Grand Slam titles.

The Serbian ended up in tears along with his team and touched Melbourne’s sky once again, where they did not let him play his favorite tournament a year ago.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: @AustralianOpen.

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