04/09/ 7 pm. MESSI STAYS

Messi stays at Barça

Leo Messi has confirmed in an interview to Rubén Uria from Goal that he is staying at Barça for one more season. Here some of his best statements: 

Bartomeu always told me that I could decide my future at the end of the season and he did not keep his word”

“It has been too long since we do not have any solid project or anything similar, they just keep getting by”

“The burofax was meant to make it official, because I have been warning the President the whole year and he would not listen to me” 

04/09/ 4 pm. STATEMENTS´ WAR

Jorge Messi has assured on a statement that the 700 million euros release clause that LaLiga confirmed on the 30th of August that any club must pay if they want to sign Messi “is not valid after the end of the 2019-2020 season”. 

LaLiga have instantly replied that his Jorge Messi´s answer “proves their wrong understanding of the contract, which is very far away from the reality”. 

04/09/ 11 am. CHANGE OF PLANS?

Messi FC Barcelona

Messi is reconsidering to stay at Barça for one more season until his contract expires so he can leave for free next year. Bartomeu has really emphasized him that they will not negotiate any transfer and the Argentinian is aware of the fact that no club will take the risk to sign him and go to court. The end of the story seems to be very close. 

03/09/ 11 am OPPOSITE VIEWS: 

Jorge Messi

First meeting between Jorge Messi (Messi´s father) and President Bartomeu had no progress. Both parts exposed their points, which were radically opposite: Jorge Messi wants to make use of the release clause that allows the player to sign for free with another club. He also considers that his son does not belong to Barça anymore after letting them know via burofax his desire to leave. 

On the other hand, Bartomeu not only assures that Messi is still a Barça player and the only possible way for him to leave is to pay up the 700 million euros release clause, but he is also offering him to extend his contract for two more seasons, until 2022. 

They will both meet again in the next few days. However, it is clear that one of them must give in if they want to reach an agreement, as non of them want to go to court. 

30/08/ 5 pm: Update on Messi. 

Leo Messi did not show up for his PCR test this morning. The Argentinian already noticed the club yesterday through a burofax that he would not be tested. He considers that he does not have to go to practice with Barça anymore after letting them know that he is determined to leave. However, FC Barcelona assure that Messi´s contract is still valid until he pays up his 700 million euros release clause. He could be suspended for not showing up to be tested.

LaLiga have sent an informative note confirming that his contract is still valid and so they will not process any transfer to another club until the release clause is paid. 

28/08/ 4 pm It´s MESSI´S TURN:

The Argentinian will speak up shortly after President Bartomeu said that he is willing to resign if Messi stays at Barça. 

According to TV3, President Bartomeu is willing to resign if Messi admits publicly that Bartomeu is the problem and he promises to stay if president leaves. Now is Messi´s turn to speak up. He will speak up shortly to explain his reasons to leave Barcelona. Now it is time for him to express his feelings to Barça fans. 

26/08 10 pm: The latest on Messi. 

According to TyC Sports, Messi will show up to practice next Monday in order to avoid to be suspended that could make the situation even worse towards a possible trial with Barcelona. 

ESPN have informed that Manchester City want to offer Leo Messi a three year contract with the Sky blues and two more seasons at New York city, in the MLS. Both clubs belong to the City Football Group. 

25/08/2020: 8 pm.

Leo Messi has told Barcelona that he wants to leave the club. He has announced it through a burofax from his lawyers. TyC Sports reported the news first. The Argentinian wants to use the release clause that he was in his contract, which allows him to leave Barça for free at the end of each season.

Barcelona have replied saying that that clause expired on the 10th of June, so any club that would want to sign him would have to pay the 700 million euros release clause for a potential transfer. 

Messi believes that he can still Barcelona for free as the season ended later than expected due to Covid-19. This case would have to go to court if both parts do not reach an agreement. 

We will keep informing. 


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