Nobody believed (believe) in Villarreal. But they are once again in the Champions League semifinals like they accomplished back in 2006. Everyone knows what happened then, but now the ‘Yellow Submarine’ can redeem themselves in this Liverpool – Villarreal knockout. They can keep increasing their legend. They can surprise everyone again and shut many mouths.

The Liverpool – Villarreal duel is the typical one where everyone establishes the winner team without even playing. And these are precisely the kind of duels that can surprise the most. That is exactly what the squad of Unai Emery wants to do. To overcome their own historical record in this competition.

We already warned here of the potential of Villarreal, who are capable of the unpredictable. And that is exactly what happened. The most media impact has taken place in their victory over Bayern, but we must also remind you that they have been reaching the final phase of the European competitions for two seasons in a row. Last year they lifted the Europa League title and this one’s, in the top European division, are already within the best four teams.

A model club, referrer, the people’s team, and whose coach is being able to display his outstanding tactical job on the field. They have already succeeded no matter what the outcome is since a long time ago. And they keep going.

“We play against the main candidate to win this competition. But we want to have a main role in the knockout. This is not just a chapter that ends and we would be happy with it. We want to have our chances”

Unai Emery

Liverpool are razing again. They have joined in the race for the Premier League title and have recovered that power that the big clubes bring along, the feeling that they are candidates to win against anyone. And of course they are in this Liverpool – Villarreal knockout.

The team of Jürgen Klopp does not seem like they might make the same mistake like Bayern, as now they are warned. Respect, common sense and awareness of the difficult challenge they have ahead of them.

“Maybe they had a little of advantage against Juventus and Bayern because they underestimated them, but that will not happen to us”

Jürgen Klopp

Nobody, or just a few believed and believe in Villarreal. We are warning you again. Nobody should rule out neither a club and a team that are used to surprise the biggest monsters when they expect it the less.

Main image: Edit José Manuel Calviño.

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