Spain have advanced to the round of 16 of the World Cup with several doubts. Luis Enrique’s squad relaxed too much against Japan due to the early goal by Morata and the expected win from Germany versus Costa Rica and so they almost paid for their mistake.

Spain were in a very comfortable position towards the last fixture from their group, but they ended up suffering unexpectedly. And they struggled as Japan was the opponent, a team that is both capable of falling against the weakest rival in the group, Costa Rica, and completing two outstanding comebacks against the two main favorites, Germany and Spain.

However, and even though both for Luis Enrique and for the most part of the Spanish crowd this is a worrying defeat that does not have any excuse, the reality is that Spain have now advanced as 2nd in their group and so they will now play in the “easy” frame of the tournament.

This way, we will not only avoid Brazil or Argentina all the way up to a possible final, but also our coming rivals may be easier than if we have advanced top of the group.

Now we should think about if the defeat against Japan is positive or negative for Luis Enrique’s team. The theory of the half-full or half-empty glass.

On one side, ending 2nd results in everything mentioned above, an “easier” frame of the World Cup and where there are real chances to reach at least the semifinals.

On the other hand, the defeat against Japan can arise some doubts to the Spanish National Team. Doubts that can result in nervousness and unsteadiness in the players of Luis Enrique. Half-full or half-empty glass?

All in all, the Spanish National Team’s situation is not as bad as some “journalists” pretend it to be. The goal of advancing to the second phase of the tournament has been accomplished and the real test will take place next Tuesday at 4 pm (Spanish time) against Morroco.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: @SEFutbol.

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