Carlton Morris, a twenty-seven-year-old English striker, has been the star of humble Luton Town in their return to the Premier League. His big performances on the pitch have been critical to make his team the 17th ranked on the table, one spot clear of the relegation positions.

You may not recognise his name, but for the ‘hater’ fans, Carlton Morris is a true star.

A fantastic player in the lower divisions:

After building a long trajectory playing for Ligue 2 and Ligue 1 teams, Morris took the leap to the Championship with Barnsley in the 2020/2021 season. After two seasons at a great level, Luton Town decided to sign last year, as he held a lot of the responsability for the team’s promotion to the top tier of English football.

In fact, he was the third highest scorer of the competition with 21 goals scored in the 44 matches he played.

Carlton Morris, a critical piece to Luton Town’s hopes of avoiding relegation:

In spite of his good numbers in the Second Division, the fans of the club doubted that Morris was good enough in the Premier League, and at this stage of the season, we can confidently say that the Englihsman has performed more than well enough in the league.

He scored the first goal in Luton’s Premier League (31 years after their last appearance) debut against Brighton. In addition, he also recorded the goal that secured the team’s first point this season against Wolverhampton in the sixth match day.

Even more important was his goal against Everton in Goodison Park, as it led to Luton Town’s first win in the 2023/2024 Premier League, a historical feat due to the massive financial differences between Luton and the rest of the teams featured in the competition.

All of his goals are a product of the ferociousness and physical power he displays on offense, as Morris is a player that constantly engages in duels against the opposing defenders (out of which he often comes out victorious due to his corpulence) and who excels at holding the ball while backing them down.

The player born in Cambridge is reminiscent of the strikers of old: a finishing specialist, able to take a dangerous shot from any cross sent to the box, who stands out as a result of his great aerial game.

The opposing defenders begin to shake in fear every time that Morris gets to a ball crossed by any of his teammates at Kenilworth Road, making the crowd go ‘ooof’ throughout all of the stadium.

A complicated yet exciting season:

The financial power and style-of-play differences between Luton and any of the remaining teams at the Premier League are more than obvious. Luton Town have a very humble squad without any big stars or players with lots of experience at the top of English football. Even their manager is a debutant in the division.

However, thanks to their mysticism and history, this team has captivated every fan of English football. That is way everyone will support Luton a little this season. We cannot deny that it would be great news to see them back in the Premier League for the upcoming campaign.

For now, they are four points clear of relegation, a position that any of the ‘hater’ fans would have agreed to be on at the end of the season. There is still a lot of matches left to go, but when it comes to determination and excitement, they have every team beat. In addition, with Carlton Morris up front, everything is possible.

Translated by Nuño Alonso.

Main image: @LutonTown.

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