Tuesday, January 18, 2022

ELXIIDEAL is a media project meant to release any kind of content related to football (soccer) and the NBA. We work daily to offer the best quality information about the latest in the sports world, players and main european leagues´scouting, analysis of the most important matches, interviews to the main characters and debate videos both at our website and Youtube channel.

We are a team formed by journalism students who share the ambition to grow professionally and achieve the goal of building a new media that tells stories on a different way through a deeper analysis of each fact. 



Guillermo Bermejo Jiménez (Logroño, 2000).

CEO and founder of ELXIIDEAL. Journalism student at the University of Málaga. Football and NBA fan, I have created this webstie with the ambition to obtain a spot among the media market. I have lived in the United States (Minnesota) and I love to travel and get to know different countries and cultures. Thanks to this project, I have fulfilled my goal of combining my vocation (journalism) and passion (sports). The quality of the content we release is our top priority.

Contact: guillermobermejo@elxiideal.com


José Manuel Calviño Merino (San Fernando, 2000).

I have been tied to sports since I was born. I discovered my vocation to communicate as years passed by. I am currently studying journalism at the University of Málaga and I plan on specializing into sports journalism through a master once I finish my degree. I like to inform, analyze and give my point of view. My favorite sport is football, but I also like the engine world, specially the F1 and motorcycles. Focusing on football, the competitions I follow are LaLiga, Premier League, Calcio, the second division in Spain, and the European tournaments (Champions and Europa League). I am a truly supporter of top class midfielders.

Contact: jmcmerino@elxiideal.com

Manuel Aguayo Aguilar (Sevilla, 2000).

Journalism student at the University of Málaga. I had clear since I was a kid that my vocation was journalism. I love sports, I also follow the NBA, specially the Houston Rockets, the team I support. A part from ELXIIDEAL, I also collaborate at Grada3, where I cover news and write match recaps about Málaga CF games.

Contact: manuelaguayo@elxiideal.com

Rafael Humberto Berrezueta Palacios (Jaén, 2000).

I was born in Spain, but my family is from Ecuador. I study about my vocation, Journalism, at the University of Málaga. The aspects I value the most about this job is to broadcast the reality and share knowledge. Football is my main passion, and like to practice, watch, and communicate about it. Even though I am specialized in Premier League, I try to have an overall vision about the main European competitions. My roots have also made me to feel attracted to south American football. This way, when I am available, I watch the Copa Libertadores, Brasileirão and the Ecuadorian Serie A. I also love motorcyles and Wolrd SBK. My goal is to dedicate myself professionally to the sports journalism industry. Hard work and commitment are the key.

Contact: rafaelberrezueta@elxiideal.com